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The website www.alvormar.com referring to the accommodation unit AlvorMar Apartamentos Turísticos is owned by the company AlvorInfante - Gestão Hoteleira, LDA. with registered office at Rua D. Sancho I, nº 9/11, registered with the commercial Registry Office of Portimão, under the single registration number 2165 and with the tax identification number 502103930. The use of the Site and the contracting of the Services offered on It by its Users/clients (hereinafter both referred to as "Users"), imply the acceptance of the General Contracting Conditions and the Privacy Policy, therefore it is recommended that you read them carefully before starting. If you do not agree with all the conditions and the privacy policy, you should not use this website. AlvorInfante reserves the right to change, add or delete part of the terms and conditions at any time, and it is the user's responsibility to read them when using the page or subscribing the contract (as defined below).


    • AlvorInfante reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, merely by posting the respective modifications online on the Site, and the User is the sole responsible for verifying and complying with the terms in every access to the Site. By continuing to use the Site after the changes are posted you are stating to have accepted the updated version of the Terms of Use. In case you do not agree with the modifications made or, in general, with the Terms of Use, you must immediately cease to use the Site and the Services.
    • By accessing, using and downloading material from the Site, you agree, in your own name and/or on behalf of the entity you represent, to strictly comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use, further warranting you have the power to act on behalf of the third party you represent, if applicable.
    • The User must not, under any circumstances, access the Services by any other means other than the interface made available by AlvorInfante, or access (or try to access) the Site and/or the Services through automated means (including the use of scripts or web crawlers).
    • Under no circumstances must the User use the Site for any other purposes other than the purpose of the Site, including illegal purposes, or any other ends that may be considered harmful to the market image of AlvorInfante. Usurping, counterfeiting, and using usurped or counterfeited content, as well as non-legitimate identification and unfair competition are criminal offenses punished by law.
    • Additionally, the User must not create or place on the Site any type of virus or programs that may harm or contaminate it, and must not advise others to do so.


    AlvorInfante reserves the right to:
    • modify, add or remove portions of the Terms of Use, at any time;
    • modify or terminate the Services under any grounds and without previous notice, at any time;
    • modify, replace, refuse access to the Site and the Services, suspend or discontinue them, in total or in part. These changes will be effective from the date of their posting on the Site or the date on which such notifications are sent.


    To the extent permitted under the applicable legislation, AlvorInfante is not liable before the user for any damage deriving from:
    • any judgment the user makes regarding the integrity, the accuracy or the existence of any advertisement or any relationship or transaction made with an advertiser, whose publicity is presented on the services or on the newsletter of AlvorInfante;
    • any changes AlvorInfante may perform on the services or any permanent termination of the services (or any of the services’ functionalities);
    • the removal, corruption or storage error of any content or communication data stored or transmitted when using the services;
    • direct or indirect violation of the terms of use. The responsibility of AlvorInfante by way of compensation by any damage and loss of profit regarding the site and the services, caused by AlvorInfante, their representatives or auxiliaries, is limited to the cases of intent or gross negligence. in case the user disagrees, in total or in part, with the site or the services, or these terms of use, he/she/it may only cease to use the site or services, as applicable.


    Any notifications and communications between AlvorInfante and the user under the Terms of Use should preferably be made to the email address or to the address provided by the user when filling the reservation form, without prejudice to AlvorInfante being able to resort to other elements and contact forms.
    Any notices, communications and User's claims must be made, preferably, to the email [reservas@alvormar.com].


    The present general terms (“Booking Terms") govern and are an integral part of the contract for services entered into through the website www.alvormar.com (“Site”) between AlvorInfante - Gestão Hoteleira, LDA. and the customer that subscribes the contract (“User”), for the purposes of providing reservation services of accommodation. The execution of the Contract, that will occur after the User confirms the reservation through the Site, is made pursuant to these Booking Terms, which the User must acknowledge and accept through the validation of a checkbox for that purpose in the reservation form. In addition to the foregoing, the User further acknowledges and accepts the Terms of Use of the Site, terms and rules of the rates and respective Privacy Policy. While booking a reservation, the User must fill in the respective form correctly, providing, notably, the type of accommodation, check-in and check-out dates and applicable rates, always subject to availability confirmation by AlvorInfante, as well as his/her personal data and payment information. The user is entirely responsible for the choices made and the information made available, that should be complete, accurate and updated. With the confirmation of the reservation details by the User, a reservation code shall be automatically generated. This reservation code should be referenced in all contacts with AlvorInfante. After confirming the reservation, and subject to payment terms described here in the respective payment section, the User is entitled to the services booked, under the terms and conditions set forth in the respective proof of reservation and in the Contract.


    • The specifications of the Hotel and Accommodation are those stated in the reservation. However, since the Hotel photographs were not taken in the day the User made the reservation, there may be non-substantial differences between the photograph and reality at the date of the use of services contracted by the User, which does not confer the User the right to any Contract modification.
    • The prices presented are per apartment and may be presented per person or based on different criteria that, in any case, will be duly indicated in the Site when the reservation is being booked.
    • In case it is possible to make a reservation for a number of people larger than the normal capacity of the Accommodation, an extra bed might have to be added that may not be as comfortable or as high quality as the other existing beds, reducing habitable area of the accomodation. The same will occur with children's beds.
    • The food regimes and its specificities are communicated to the User through the Site when the reservation is booked. In case nothing is referred in the reservation, the food regime does not include any meal.
    • The category and denomination of the hotel of the Accommodation are determined by applicable legislation of the host State.
    • In case the User presents him/herself with more people than those indicated in the reservation to use the Accommodation, the Hotel may refuse their entry, a situation for which AlvorInfante cannot be held responsible.
    • If there is a situation of overbooking (that is, more reservations than available accommodation) in the Hotel of the Accommodation reserved by the User, he/she acknowledges and accepts that AlvorInfante may place the Customer in another Accommodation of the same category (in any case, it is assured that the quality of the Accommodation made available is not inferior to the Accommodation reserved by the Customer), without additional costs to the User. For that reason, the User has no right to any indemnity or resolution of Contract.
    • As a rule the Accommodation may be used from 3 p.m. of the date of arrival and should be left free until 11 a.m. of the departure date (in both cases, at the local time of the Hotel). Staying in the Accommodation beyond the check-out time may lead to the payment of additional amounts, which shall be borne exclusively by the User.
    • Pets are not allowed.
    • In case the User does not arrive at the Hotel until 11:59 p.m. of the check-in date indicated in the proof of reservation, the Hotel can disregard the reservation and sell the Accommodation to third-parties, a situation for which AlvorInfante cannot be held accountable.
    • The User should comply with the internal regulations of the Hotel, if any, and AlvorInfante cannot be held accountable for damages incurred by the User in consequence of its violation.


    • The User must pay the amount indicated in the reservation form as a pre-requisite to be able to use the contracted reservation.
    • The payment of the reservation can be made by the User (a) in the Site, on the date of the booking or (b) in the Hotel, on the check-in date of the Accommodation (in case this mode is available for the type of reservation made by the User).
    • If the User chooses to pay the reservation at the moment of booking, he/she should do so with a credit card of his/her own, within the list of issuing entities which AlvorInfante collaborates with and is made available in the reservation form, being the payment accepted by AlvorInfante within the limits authorized by the Customer's Card Issuing Entities.
    • The credit card information inserted by the User is protected by HiPay under the terms of AlvorInfante’s Privacy Policy.
    • The amount indicated will be charged by AlvorInfante - Gestão Hoteleira, LDA.


    Cancellation of bookings made through the Site, may involve loss of partial or total amount of the reservation in favour of the hotel, according to the booking policy of the selected rate.


    Except if explicitly referred otherwise, the taxes legally owed (including, notably, Value Added Tax) will be added to the reservation price, being charged by AlvorInfante to the User jointly with the reservation at the legal rate in force as at the date of the booking, based on the contracted services.


    O Contrato é regido pelas leis da República de Portugal. Para a resolução de quaisquer litígios decorrentes da validade, celebração, execução, incumprimento, extinção ou interpretação do Contrato é exclusivamente competente o Tribunal da Comarca de Portimão, sem prejuízo das normas legais imperativas aplicáveis.

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