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Cookies are files that websites or applications install on your browser or on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) during your journey through the website or application pages, and serve to store information about your visit.
The use of cookies allows you to optimize your browsing, adapting the information and services offered to your interests, to provide you with a better experience every time you visit the website.


  • First-party (own) cookies: a cookie managed by this domain / website
  • Third-party cookies: a cookie managed by another domain / website.

AlvorInfante uses its own and third party cookies. AlvorInfante uses google analyitics and session cookies.


  • Permanent (persistent) cookies: these are cookies that are permanently stored at the browser level on your access devices and are used whenever the user visits the site again. They are often used to direct navigation to the user's interests, allowing them to provide a more personalized service.
  • Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the browser cookie file until you leave the site. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyze web traffic patterns, allowing you to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

AlvorInfante uses permanent and session cookies. AlvorInfante uses google analyitics and session cookies.


  • Strictly needed cookies (registration): these are the ones essential for the correct functioning of the page. They allow the user to browse the site and use their applications as well as access to secure areas of the site. Without these cookies, the services requested cannot be provided.
  • Analytical cookies: they collect information about the user's browsing experience on the website, usually anonymously, although sometimes also allow the user to be uniquely and unambiguously identified in order to obtain information about their interests in the services that the website provides.
  • Advertising cookies: customize advertising to the interests of each user to tailor advertising campaigns to users' tastes and limit the number of times they see the ad, helping to measure the effectiveness and success of advertisement.
  • Functional cookies: these are cookies that allow us to store information about users' options and allow us to adapt the site to users' needs.

AlvorInfante uses strictly necessary, analytical and functional cookies. AlvorInfante does not use advertising cookies. AlvorInfante uses google analyitics and session cookies.

If you so wish, you may not accept cookies from our browser, or you may not accept cookies from a particular service.
All modern browsers allow you to change the cookies setting. These adjustments can usually be made in the "Options" or "Preferences" zone of the browser menu. However, disabling cookies may prevent some web services from working properly, affecting some or all of the site navigation.






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