We have created a contingency plan and a detailed and rigorous internal operational protocol in order to systematize new health and operating rules and practices relating to accommodation units, public spaces, swimming pool, and other common spaces.

The satisfaction and security of our guests is a priority of AlvorMar Touristic Apartments and in that sense our unit has been certified with the Clean & Safe seal that certifies us as Healthy and Safe Establishment by the National Tourism Board.
Since the quality of the service, as well as the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene have always been one of our characteristic features, we reinforced and complemented the cleaning and hygiene procedures, assuming compliance with the information, hygiene and safety guidelines indicated by the competent health authorities, in order to minimize the risks of exposure to COVID-19, both by guests and employees.

Before your arrival

Before your stay, you will receive an email where you will have access to all the essential procedures and protection measures in force in our unit, in the context of COVID-19. We suggest its detailed reading in order to be informed of all recommendations/rules and procedures.
Online check-in whenever possible. Online check-in will be available via email which allows you to speed up the in-person check-in process by prefilling information about your stay and therefore decrease the time at the Reception.

Upon arrival

Entry into the unit, circulation in enclosed spaces and our corridors is only permitted with the use of a mask. If you do not have a mask, an individual protection Kit that includes a mask and disinfecting gel can be purchased at our reception. All employees and customers will have to wear a mask in closed spaces, including children over 10 years old. The use of mask by guests in the common outdoor areas is optional (this does not apply to corridors and other circulation areas where the use of a mask is still compulsory).
Upon entering the unit, all guests must disinfect their hands using the hand disinfection stations placed at the hotel entries for this purpose. 
Upon arriving at the hotel, all guests will have a body temperature measurement check (with client’s consent) done with an infra-red thermometer.


During your stay


The reception desk was restructured to ensure everyone’s safety by adding plexiglass partitions at the service counters.
Specific signage was placed at the reception to guarantee social distancing as well as maximum capacity signs.
All materials and surfaces that will be touched during this process such as service desks, payment terminals and room card keys are disinfected after each use. Payment with debit and credit cards is encouraged.

Accommodation Units

Customers will be informed on arrival about cleaning procedures for their accommodation unit.
Each cleaning employee will be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment: mask, disposable gloves, and waterproof apron.
All bed linen and towels are washed at high temperatures to ensure the elimination of any microorganism.
All rooms go through a thorough and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process with suitable materials recommended by health authorities.
All surfaces (floor, furniture, dishware and walls) as well as curtains and other materials are cleaned thoroughly between customers. Before and during the cleaning process of the apartment windows are opened to ensure extended space ventilation.
A minimum period of 24 hours between stays (between last stay and next stay) is guaranteed and whenever possible it will be extended to 48 hours or more.

Swimming pool snack bar

At this time, the opening of the snack-bar has no scheduled date.

Library, guest-room and Lounge

These spaces are closed because they do not meet the conditions for implementing the prevention rules within the scope of COVID-19.


The pool is open with security measures in place.
Since the number of sunbeds available in the pool area had to be reduced in order to comply with the social distancing rules in place, the customer must make a sunbed reservation at the reception (assigned according to availability).
Sunbeds will be disinfected after the period of time reserved for each assigned guest.

Formation and procedures in case of suspected infectious case

All our employees have received specific training on: the internal protocol for the outbreak of COVID-19; how to comply with pandemic infection prevention and control precautions, including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct; how to comply with daily self-monitoring for fever assessment; how to comply with the guidelines of the National Health Authority for surface cleaning and laundry treatment.
In the event of symptoms that indicate an infection, our unit has a fully equipped isolation room to ensure the safety of guests and employees.
After the use of the isolation room, by suspected or positive cases, the space is subjected to an intensive decontamination process.
Whenever positive cases are confirmed the security protocol will be activated for the investigation of suspicious cases in conjunction with the health authorities.

Prevention procedures

All areas were revised to guarantee a spacing of at least 2m between guests.
In circulation areas, compliance with the right-hand traffic rule is requested.
We have hand disinfecting stations in all floor levels close to the elevator, and in several points throughout the hotel.
Elevator maximum capacity was reduced according to its area.

Cleaning common areas

Each cleaning employee will be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment: mask, disposable gloves, and waterproof apron.
We have intensified and increased the frequency of times we clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment, both inside the accommodation units and in common areas.  All regular touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, switches, are regularly disinfected throughout the day.


You can consult our Internal Protocol in detail on the document below.



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