Algarve reaches new annual records

Tourist activity in 2017

Preliminary results of the tourist activity to set the year 2017 were disclosed today by the National Statistics Institute (INE). With a total of 19 million overnight stays (+ 5.3% or more overnight stays than 963,000 in 2016), 1.28 billion euros of total income (+ 13.2% or of 119.7 million euros more) and guest 4.1 million (+ 5.1% or over 200,000 guests), the Algarve exceeded previous maximums and registered new records per year.

Overnight stays

In Portugal, the hotel establishments registered 57.5 million overnight stays in 2017, the Algarve region, with 19 million, consolidated a market share of 33,1%. In the Algarve, the internal market has contributed 4 million overnight stays (+ 3.7% or a 142,000 increase overnight stays) and external markets with 15 million overnight stays (+ 5.8% or an increase of 821,000 overnight stays). In the region, the nights spent by foreigners accounted for 79% of the total, it is estimated that all major emitters have grown in this indicator.


In the country, in 2017, the total income increased 16,6% and all regions have experienced increases in income, highlights the INE. With 1.28 billion euros of total income, the resorts of the Algarve ensured a share of 30,3%. In the region, the income of quarters amounted to 762 million euros (+ 14.2%).


Similarly, all national destinations attracted tourist accommodation establishments more guests along to 2017, with a total of 20.6 million national guests, which corresponds to an annual increase of 8,9%. In this indicator, the market share of the Algarve is 20%.


Faro International Airport closed the year of 2017 with 8.7 million passengers. This volume compares with 7.6 million passengers in the previous year, resulting in a homologous variation of 14,4% or about 1.1 million passengers more than in 2016. By market, the United Kingdom (+ 11.1%) represented half of the passengers moved around, followed by Germany (+ 21.8%), as a share of 12,3%. Ireland (+ 6.5%), the Netherlands (+ 10.2%) and France (+ 39.7%) close the top-5.


The golf courses are back to setting records in the region in 2017, to register 1,340,891 rounds of golf, an increase of 5% over the previous year. The month of October was the golfers, accumulating an all-time high of 170,000 laps (+6%). The Algarve is worth now about 70% of the national total of rounds of golf.


The President of the tourism region underlines the ' excellent performance in hotels in the Algarve over the past five years, taking a giant step from 14 million to 19 million overnight stays and 600 million to over a billion euros of income». Desiderius Silva stresses the ' sustained growth in the sector outside the high season of summer, due to the diverse nature tourism bet, culture and gastronomy and wines, in addition to the internationally award-winning golf courses and the main tourist attraction in the region, the best beaches in Europe».

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